NetSuite Project Management Vs Bigtime Price Comparison

NetSuite Project Management Price Vs Bigtime Price Comparison

When comparing the price of NetSuite Project Management with Bigtime, you have to take into consideration several factors. Firstly, the features of these software solutions are very different. Both are larger software packages while Bigtime is more suitable for small businesses. NetSuite project management & BigTime is more flexible and has more advanced features, but it is not suitable for every business.

Netsuite Project Management Price

Netsuite’s Project Management the board device incorporates a Gantt graph altering and shows instrument. Gantt outlines are the most broadly utilized diagramming design for proficient task supervisors. Netsuite’s task the board bundle makes it simple for even newbie clients to assemble these by utilizing a straightforward intuitive manager

The NetSuite SRP programming has a month-to-month membership rate, and their fundamental bundle begins at $399. All administrations are remembered for the cost, and specialized help is accessible to all clients through a few correspondence channels. Sadly, NetSuite’s venture execution module doesn’t have time for testing or a free rendition. In any case, organizations can demand a full exhibit before they purchase the permit.

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Bigtime Price

If you’re considering implementing a new project management software, you’re probably wondering if BigTime or NetSuite is better. The two systems share many of the same features, but there are key differences. The two services differ significantly in the amount of customization they allow and the amount of support they provide.

Both NetSuite and BigTime have advanced features. NetSuite Project Management & BigTime, for example, is designed for professional services firms and helps manage budgets, customer engagements, and billable hours. It also features Zapier, an automation platform that moves between apps and automates tasks and processes. This feature allows businesses to increase their productivity by reducing the time spent collecting data.

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BigTime also helps project-driven businesses track time, manage projects, and track profitability per project. The software also integrates with Quickbooks and helps businesses bill faster. Users can enter time and expense data using BigTime’s intuitive data entry system.

Features of Bigtime Software

BigTime helps you to streamline the internal processes of your business. It automates project creation, budgeting, and time and expense approvals. It also helps you to create custom client invoices. The software also comes with reports and dashboards. It eliminates the need to maintain offline spreadsheets and helps you track your projects in real-time.

BigTime also allows you to set billing rates based on the project and activities. These rates can be adjusted depending on the size of your projects and the quality of your services. This feature gives you an edge over other competitors.

Features of Netsuite Project Management

Netsuite is a cloud-based project management software that allows companies to manage their projects from one location. It offers the features of timesheet management, project tracking, and collaboration. It also provides the ability for teams to communicate with one another and to submit timesheets each week. Projects can be grouped and assigned to members of the team, and annotations can be added to each task. This software is very customizable and is suitable for a range of businesses.

The project dashboard is a dashboard where the project manager can view important information about a project. This dashboard is also equipped with a variety of quick links and portlets to make it easy to access various features and information.


Bigtime offers three different packages at competitive prices: the express plan costs $ 10 a month and only contains basic functionalities. The premier plan costs $ 40 a month and includes all functions and premium support. It is best to decide which package is the best fit for your needs based on the features you need.

BigTime is particularly useful for professional service firms, as it makes timesheet submission painless. This is especially important in ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget. It offers configurable timesheets and gives users better visibility into project status. This means that users spend less time entering data and can concentrate on project management.

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