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3 tips for creating a blog when you are passionate about music

Are you passionate about music and do you dream of being able to express yourself on this subject? Creating a music blog is the best way to share your knowledge! To do this, first start by looking at WordPress, the most recognized website creation and management software. You will find very easily on the Internet, many tutorials allowing you to install it and take it in hand. First of all, it is important to understand what is involved in creating and managing a blog. We will then look at the topics to cover for each type of profile, and the methods to always stay on the page and not stop pleasing readers.

Know and learn to master the specificities of blogging

Frequent creation of new articles

When you decide to start a blog, always assume that you will have to devote time to it regularly. The blog should indeed be fed by articles often enough not to lose readers. That’s why it’s important to choose a musical subject that you know well so that you always have plenty to say about it. If you ever find yourself lacking in inspiration, you can pick up on a topic you’ve covered and go deeper into it. If you have done an article on minor chords, for example, you can do another on minor 7 chords. There are always things to say, even on a specific subject.

Presence on social networks

Once your blog has been created, it is important to make it known via social networks. Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are great for music blogging. Indeed, Instagram is very visual . If you give concerts, it is ideal for showing pretty pictures of them. Also, Instagram has the advantage of letting you make short videos, which is perfect for those who decide to get into music education. You can show how to make a simple chord, or a small set of chords used in many music’s for example. YouTube meanwhile, is almost essential . It allows you to do long tutorials as well as broadcast your entire concerts, or even to dare a format facing the camera where you can talk about groups and albums that have marked you. In short, it’s the ideal network for music bloggers from all walks of life!

Neat aesthetics and simple internal navigation

Finally, always remember to put yourself in your reader’s shoes. It is more pleasant for him to browse a blog with an attractive, neat look, with well-categorized articles in relevant categories. In addition, if your reader is interested in the subject you are dealing with, and your articles are well written, he will naturally be more likely to stay on your site. To make it easier for him, do not hesitate to place internal links in your articles, that is to say, links that redirect to your other publications. In addition, you can also create a newsletter, and encourage your readers to subscribe. This way, they won’t miss the latest published articles and you can even add exclusive content to them. Do not hesitate to consult this

Tip #2: Define the background and form of your music blog

There are three types of music bloggers: the musician, whose goal is to make his work known to as many people as possible, the music lover, lover of a particular style or group, and the music teacher.

when you are a musician

If you are a musician, it is strongly advised to create your blog on the model of a website. You must have several categories, which are:

  • an “ about ” page, so that those who follow you can get to know you better;
  • a photo gallery, with, if possible, beautiful images of your concerts;
  • a page where your readers can listen to your music or see your clips;
  • a news category, which informs the reader of the place and time of your upcoming concerts.

You can, with the blog format, stand out by creating a “behind the scenes” page, for example, where you will tell your little anecdotes and galleys as a musician. Everything is possible! The blog belongs to you, it’s up to you to personalize it as you wish.

When you are a music lover

First, think about your favorite genre and how to approach it. Chances are you don’t have just one favorite style of music. Also, if you really want to tackle several styles, why not talk about concerts or festivals that take place around you, or even all over France. If you attend, you can even embellish your articles with your photos. Another idea, if you want to talk about a specific genre, is to write about band news. In parallel, you can create a “biography” section, which will allow your readers to discover a little more about the artists you are talking about.

When teaching an instrument

If you are teaching your readers to play an instrument, be sure to create categories for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It’s important that readers don’t have to search for hours to find content relevant to them. In addition, note that you can quite get started in the creation of an eBook or even a paid training . You will be able to develop the subject at length and go into detail. It is, moreover, a fairly widespread way of making money with a blog. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out the No Tuxedo blog post on creating an hire ebook writers.

Tip #3: Stay active and get regular updates

when you are a musician

It’s always useful to keep up to date with what’s happening in the style of music you play. This allows you to be in tune with the trends of the moment, while of course keeping your artistic touch. Also, note that people who visit your site may want to know the news of your group. Staying connected to the news and also keeping your readers up to date with yours is the best way to show them that you are active. go to website Write for us technology.

When you are a music lover

It is very important, to avoid going around in circles, to always stay up to date on your music blog. Certain groups, musicians or singers are sometimes discreet, but that does not prevent you from talking about the most active. Many now have a website, which allows you to get information directly from the source. Moreover, if you can move around easily, why not go directly to meet the artists to interview them? After the release of a new album, many are very happy to talk about their work. Be realistic first and orient yourself towards groups that are still little known. International stars already have an overloaded schedule, no need to try to solicit them. A good interview, with relevant questions on the musical news of a small group, will surely please your readers.

When teaching an instrument

Mastering an instrument is a long and complex thing. But if you have embarked on this great and exciting adventure that is music, it is because the pleasure of playing comes first. Learning new things has probably become a driving force for you, which is very positive for your blog. Indeed, there are always chords that you did not know, musical styles that you have never played, playing techniques that you are still unaware of. It is therefore important to remain curious and to always educate yourself a little more on the subject, so that you can in turn teach these techniques to your readers. You can also add your personal touch, by talking about your own difficulties during learning, your techniques for improving yourself, etc.

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