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Why water parks in california San Dimas Should Be Your Water Park in Los Angeles

No matter what your preferences may be, it’s worth prioritizing a visit to Raging Waters San Dimas . The 60-acre water park hosts more than 50 world-class rides, slides and attractions, making it home to California’s only hydromagnetic water coaster!

Raging Waters San Dimas is Seriously Massive:

The water parks in california is huge, with more than 50 rides and attractions. There are also five pools (including one for adults) and a number of restaurants on-site. The park has about 7,000 parking spots to accommodate all those visitors each day. It even boasts the only hydromagnetic water coaster in California!

A Guide to the Best Slides at Raging Waters:

The Slides at Raging Waters are fast and furious! From the water slide with a series of curves and airtime hills, to the one with two 360 degree turns, there’s something for every thrill seeker. You’ll also find:
A tall family-friendly slide where you can sit or lay down
Slides with an oncoming wall of water that you have to dodge
Slides that end with a twist or a turn
If you haven’t been yet, this is your chance to hit up one of the best water parks in LA. Check out our guide to the slides below before you go!

Which Ride is Right for You?

The Sky Bumper is one of the most popular attractions at this water parks in california You’ll be strapped into a harness and then lifted up to a height of 30 feet before being dropped down onto a large inflatable cushion. It’s like bungee jumping, but in water! The Sky Bumper can accommodate up to four riders at once and it’s perfect for all ages.

Tips for Maximizing Time at an LA Waterpark:

  1. Get to the water parks in california early. The lines will be much shorter, and it’ll take less time to get your tickets and figure out what you want to do first. 2. Wear a bathing suit under your clothes so that you don’t have to run back home or go through security again if you want to do more than one activity. 3. Bring your own food! There are limited options for food inside the park, and many of them are expensive and not very tasty. 4. Bring plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat, sunglasses, or other protective gear if it’s sunny outside because the sun is intense on the water slides! 5. Bring plenty of water with you as well – hydration is key!
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