Workzone Vs KeyedIn - Best Planning Management Software 2023

Workzone Vs KeyedIn – Best Planning Management Software 2023

Workzone is an excellent choice for organizations looking to improve the quality of their project management. It offers a high level of support and can even help teams get started. Its high-level dashboard allows you to see the full scope of a project, and it has built-in workflow templates and budget management. Workzone and KeyedIn offer unlimited adoption training to help your team get the most out of the software.


Workzone is a project management software with several features that make it ideal for teams. It includes an all-project dashboard, customizable to-do lists, an interactive Gantt chart, secure file management, and customizable intake forms. It also offers time and expense tracking, powerful reporting, and flexible permissions. Its price is $40 per user per month for up to five users and goes down with the number of users. It is available on a monthly or annual basis.

This web-based software is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It also allows outside members to view project boards. Users can also share task lists and drag cards to display how far a task is progressing. However, its project management functionality is limited compared to other software options. For instance, Trello does not support linking tasks and tracking dependencies. Additionally, its lack of reporting features makes it an unwise choice for teams that need to monitor their budgets and track team members.

Advantage software is best suited for businesses and marketing agencies. It combines the roles of various members of an agency into one solution. Its robust modules, powerful features, and comprehensive reporting make it a smart choice for medium to large agencies. In addition, it supports unlimited users and is free for the first 14 days. Its pricing plan begins at $10 per user per month.

If you need a full project management software for a small to medium-sized team, the software might be the best choice. It has a free version for teams of up to five people and an enterprise version for larger teams. It is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems, and is SOC-compliant.


KeyedIn is a leading project management software solution, and it provides a wide range of features. The software comes with unlimited free support and a comprehensive onboarding and training program. Its user interface is robust and easy to navigate. It also offers advanced features that help project teams work efficiently. Founded in 2002, it has a strong track record in the project management world.

KeyedIn enables project teams to collaborate on a single platform. It is a cloud-based project management solution geared toward creative businesses. The French company PlanZone also offers a solution for centralized workflows. Its product roadmap tool, Project KickStart, has Outlook integration. Pie, a workflow management tool from ProductDossier, aims to provide a user interface that is friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

While both Workzone and KeyedIn have plenty of features, each has a downside. The free version of both tools focuses on PRINCE2 methodologies, which may not be suitable for large projects. Furthermore, the free versions have limited functionality, such as no reporting and no integration with other tools.

It will provide an all-project dashboard, personalized to-do lists, interactive Gantt charts, and secure file management. Other notable features of software include time and expense tracking and a range of creative review tools. In addition to these features, software also features a flexible permissions system that allows for different levels of user access.

When comparing the best PM software, be sure to look at integration options. The best project management software will integrate with other tools you are using, which will reduce manual updating and switching between apps.

Workzone Demo

KeyedIn has been around for many years, but the software offers more than just a project management software solution. It offers a proven training and adoption program that helps users create the processes and discipline for project success. For larger companies, Microsoft Project is still the standard for project management. It features customizable templates and resource tracking and is popular with organizations of all sizes.

Workzone offers unlimited free support and an extensive onboarding and training process. The user interface is robust and easy to use. Users can also set up public access forms for projects and view dependencies between them. The company’s team-friendly pricing model is a good fit for many users, and its extensive feature set makes it a good choice for larger teams.

It has many powerful features, including the ability to manage multiple projects from a single screen. This feature is important for companies that work with multiple teams or need to keep track of many different projects at once. It also ensures the security of data through its cloud-based architecture.

The main drawbacks of both tools include higher onboarding costs and less flexibility for advanced users. LiquidPlanner also has a higher learning curve than the other two tools. The software is not recommended for deadline-based projects. It also doesn’t allow for as much content, and some users have reported that the user interface is not user-friendly.

The KeyedIn competitor lacks the features of Workzone and Notion. However, KeyedIn offers a free trial. It can be used on a Microsoft Windows platform, and can be accessed through the web. KeyedIn is a solid choice for resource scheduling and PPM. The software is recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice.

KeyedIn Demo

KeyedIn is a project management software solution that provides a unified dashboard for all projects. It has features like a customizable Gantt chart and personalized to-do lists. The platform also offers secure file management and customizable project intake forms. Other features include customizable workflow templates, time and expense tracking, and powerful reporting. The software also comes with unlimited adoption training.

KeyedIn also offers a free trial of their product. The free trial allows for a 30-day trial, so you can test the software before committing to a plan. KeyedIn has an extensive API developer community and integrations with industry-standard software. The pricing for its basic plan is $40 per user per month, but the pricing goes down with the number of users.

KeyedIn is the best option for teams that work on multiple projects. The software is highly customizable and includes many features for each team. You can create multiple views for your project team to view the tasks and collaborate with each other. You can even customize the interface and notifications per task. Moreover, it comes with macOS and Windows apps and is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

KeyedIn offers an easy-to-use interface, and the demo version allows you to see how the software functions before you purchase it.

The software offers a free version and a premium version. The cost of the software is affordable, making it suitable for most  Write for us technology organizations. It can provide you with powerful features that are useful to project managers. However, the software is not without its downsides. Its Gantt chart tool is missing some features, such as the ability to upload projects from MS Projects and Excel. It also has poor performance speeds and some users report that undoing errors are difficult.

Workzone Pricing and KeyedIn Pricing

Both Workzone and KeyedIn have similar pricing models. KeyedIn costs $15 per user per month. Both software packages offer some advanced features. WorkZone also has video training and a knowledge base. The company offers webinars and newsletters that answer common questions. It also has a Best Practices section that includes tried-and-true techniques.

KeyedIn is a privately owned software company that has been running continuously since 2000. It offers one of the most robust web-based project management tools on the market. Among its features, WorkZone has a great balance between flexibility and ease of use. KeyedIn, on the other hand, offers SaaS-based integrated business applications with a consulting arm that specializes in IT. Its flagship product, KeyedInProjects, helps organizations manage projects, billing, and customer relationships.

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