best waterpark in california

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Iyo u ’re missing out on the state’s only hydromagnetic water coaster, Aqua Rocket, which opens mid-May through late September. This amazing ride offers an adrenaline rush like no other, with three different body slides that twist and turn as they propel riders over two huge plunges before dropping them into the pool at the end!

The Only Hydromagnetic Water Coaster in the State:

 is the best place for water slides in Los Angeles, to keep cool, enjoy special events, family dining options, and a whole summer of fun! If you’re looking for thrills and excitement this summer make sure to stop by our newest attraction–the only hydromagnetic water coaster in best waterpark in california
The state’s only hydromagnetic water coaster is now open and ready to thrill riders with some serious speed and splash. The Aqua Rocket stands tall as one of the most exciting rides at Raging Waters, offering a new twist on water coasters that will have you coming back again and again

Perfect for a Hot Summer Day:

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than splashing down on Raging Waters’ newest attraction, Aqua Rocket? This hydromagnetic water coaster has been the talk of Southern California since its debut in May and is sure to be one of your favorite summertime adventures. The ride starts with an exhilarating launch before shooting riders up more than 50 feet over best waterpark in california surf lagoon.

Great for Families:

Raging Waters is one of the best water parks in LA for keeping cool, enjoying special events, dining options, and all of summer’s best fun. The action-packed water coaster, Aqua Rocket is open mid-May through late September. If you’ve never experienced a hydromagnetic coaster before, this one will leave you screaming on thrill ride after thrill ride.

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