Smart PSS Download Free for Windows

What is Smart PSS?

An across the board, completely highlighted video reconnaissance program with Smart pss download is ideal for little to medium-sized organizations that need to watch out for representatives, property, and resources. All Dahua network cameras and capacity units are joined into a solitary, legitimate point of interaction by SmartPSS. Successful gadget the board, video checking and playback, caution and insightful arrangement, and video wall arrangement and see are highlights given by the product.

Key elements:

  • The board of Gadgets Actually
  • Deal with a limit of 256 Channels and up to 64 Gadgets.
  • Control gadgets for access, video radio, and time and participation
  • Upholds Double video pressure codecs for H.265 and H.264
  • Checking and Playback of Live Video
  • Make a design and plan for the video wall.
  • NVR Recording PTZ Camera Control Setup
  • Canny Video Framework (IVS) with Intensity Guide and Individuals Counting

Point by point highlights:


Adding gadgets to the organization communicate with SmartPSS is basic. To effortlessly interface gadgets to an organization, the application highlights clump add and gadget search usefulness. Subsequent to being added, SmartPSS offers a setup interface for network settings, camera video and sound settings, and choices for live and replay show.

Smart Track

For further developed reconnaissance, SmartPSS gives the choice to interface a proper camera or a fisheye camera to a PTZ Vault camera. In the all encompassing fisheye or fixed-camera scene, the product empowers an administrator to determine a standard (tripwire, zone, lingering, and so on) that causes the related PTZ vault to move to the area of the caution and track the thing.

Fisheye Camera Backing

Dahua Fisheye cameras are completely upheld by savvy pss download. Eight (8) dewarp modes and decisions for introducing a fisheye camera are upheld by the product. In both live and playback modes, dewarping disposes of the contortion in the round all encompassing picture.

Access and Video Radio Control

Straightforwardly from the UI, SmartPSS gives the setup and the executives of access, video radio, and time and participation gadgets. As well as supporting two-way correspondence with video radio gadgets, SmartPSS likewise gives participation the executives, shift booking, and announcing for various time and participation gadgets.


An administrator can save time and assets by utilizing Smart Hunt to characterize a particular region in the playback video to look for a movement identification occasion.

Astute Video Framework (IVS)

 A logical program called IVS gives insight capabilities to screen a scene for interruption identification, tripwire infringement, and lost or missing things. SmartPSS likewise upholds face location innovation, which perceives human countenances in computerized photos and afterward look through a data set to track down the individual in the image. This innovation works notwithstanding scene investigation.

Multi-language On-screen Show

The OSD menu offers 34 language support notwithstanding various visual changes and capability settings to oblige different checking situations.

How To Download?

  • Click on Download Button
  • Hold off till the establishment.
  • Execute the arrangement now.
  • The product is prepared to utilize.


IPC, DVR, NVR, NVS, and video wall regulators are upheld by the video reconnaissance program brilliant pss download. You can set up movement discovery alarms, analyze and deal with all gadget areas, and control 36-station synchronized playback easily utilizing the program. It likewise permits you to deal with up to 256 gadgets or 2000 channels.

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