Inappropriate’ T-Shirt Sold at ‘Disney’

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One of the most wonderful places on Earth, Disney World is where millions of us have treasured family experiences. But how would you feel if you came across this T-shirt with a Pirates of the Caribbean motif being offered for sale in the gift shop? Would you buy this or pass it by? Politically acceptable or completely inappropriate?

pocketknives, a Ticktock video creator, shows us what she saw while having fun at the Magic Kingdom. Her expression says it all! Do you want Captain Jack Sparrow saying this over the chest of your T-shirt?

Visitors were in awe by what they saw! Some people fall in love with it right away and want to buy it right away, while others are quick to “pass,” are offended, and feel that it is totally inappropriate. Each person has the right to their own perception, and we should all be respectful of one another’s.

According to the proverb, “to each is own,”

In 2019, I picked up a used pair of shoes from Satisfy’s Salomon partnership at a resale shop in Echo Park, which is when I first learned about the French running brand. (For some reason, the prior owner had Sharpie-ed out every portion of the shoe that wasn’t black, but it still worked.) I made a mental point to keep the brand in mind after being impressed by some of the intelligent design elements, including the rubber dots on the laces that make them less likely to come undone.

In that vein, I recently checked Satisfy’s website to see what the company had been up to when searching for gifts for The Strategist’s holiday print issue. A strange-looking tattered shirt with tiny holes all over the chest, neck, and shoulders that had the amusing term Moth Tech there immediately halted me in my tracks. trapstar coat mens

A Satisfy employee in Paris tells me through Zoom that MothTech, the company’s initial “technology,” was created back in 2015. As the name implies, it was influenced by the moth holes that Satisfy’s founder, Brice Partouche, used to discover in old cotton T-shirts.

Contrary to what experts claim, Par touche appears to have a significant predilection for running in cotton, which “soaks swiftly and dries slowly.” He actually enjoys seeing the “visual manifestation of effort” in the form of sweat stains. He began to question whether the ventilation provided by the holes in his old band t-shirts, though. The investigation that followed led to Moth Tech. ( To make it more obvious, the name was changed from Moth Eaten to Moth Tech.

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