Top Benefits of Multi-Currency Forex Card over Carrying Cash on Foreign Trips

A vacation in a new country is exciting, though it comes with a few hassles. Firstly, you need to get all the documents in order before visiting a foreign country. Secondly, you should decide how to carry the foreign currency.Conventionally, travelers convert currency after reaching their destination.

However, this method includes multiple hassles. Firstly, you must stand in a long line at the currency exchange kiosk at the airport. Secondly, you will pay a hefty currency conversion fee. The alternative solution is to carry a multi currency forex card at the IndusInd Bank.

So, what are the benefits of a forex card over cash? Choosing the multi currency forex card will fetch the following benefits to foreign travelers.

1. Safer &less expensivethan carrying cash

Carrying a high amount of cash on a foreign trip is risky. Therefore, most international travelers want to avoid carrying piles of cash during their trips. Instead of the cash, you can carry the forex card. Users can load any amount to the multi-currency forex card. You can withdraw money from the VISA-enabled ATM counters whenever you need cash during your trip. Along with safety, forex card reduces your expenses. Loading money to this prepaid card involves marginal fees. On the other hand, converting currency with the local brokers attracts a high commission charge.

2. Pay Online and Get cash from the ATM with Forex Card

You can make cashless payments during the trip using your forex card.  Moreover, you can use the card to get cash from VISA enabled ATMs. Users need to pay minimal feesto withdraw cash from the ATM using this card. All VISA enabledPOS counters will accept payments through the IndusInd Forex Card.

3. Load Money Anytime

Is cash available on the multi currency forex cardrunning low? You can load money to the prepaid card anytime using your debit card. Visit the IndusForex, IndusInd Bank’sonline forex portal and load money securely on your prepaid forex card.

So, these are the benefits of using a multi currency forex card rather than carrying cash on foreign trips. Your trip can become enjoyable and hassle-free when you use this forex card. IndusInd Bank, India’s one of the leading banks, offers prepaid forex cards. You can apply for the card according to the terms and conditions of the bank.

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