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6 factors that make Apple iPhones special and Desirable.

The world of smartphones has evolved significantly over the years, and newer and newer developments over the years have replaced trends that were once quite popular in this genre. There was a time when OEMs used to experiment with different outlandish concepts that were honestly, quite out-of-the-box, but as the industry matured, the developments went on to become much more streamlined, and what we now witness are generational upgrades instead of revolutions each time around.

When the iPhone series was launched by Apple in the late 2000s, the world was quick to realise the potential that this device packed, and thanks to Apple’s slick marketing style, the phone quickly went on to become a status symbol overnight, and suddenly, everyone wanted an iPhone. Well, this is a phenomenon that we witness today as well, and since the prices of brand-new devices are running off the charts, substitutes like the iPhone xs used are gaining quite a lot of traction.

Unlike other OEMs in the market, Apple maintains strong control over its entire ecosystem, and this has been made possible by the fact that Apple relies heavily on in-house development and manufacturing. This lets them control the way in which their devices behave, and thanks to this oversight, each and every iPhone is extremely well-optimized and secure, even a renewed iphone for that matter.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the defining features of these devices, and what makes them so desirable. Yes, it is true that the prices of brand-new devices are astronomically high, so we won’t be focussing on a particular generation, but the line-up as a whole. So, let’s start.

Their design language.

Do you know how many devices failed due to their designs? Well, it’s difficult to zero in on a particular number as there are several factors involved, but the truth of the matter is that potential customers wouldn’t go for a device that’s unwieldy and displeasing to the eyes. Yes, we have witnessed some ghastly devices in the past, but Apple seems to get it quite right with each passing generation. Now, if you are a keen observer, you’d be aware of the fact that Apple isn’t someone who loves to tinker with the way their devices look, and they prefer sticking to a familiar and ergonomic element. Even if you pick up an iPhone xs used, you’d be getting to enjoy a user experience that would be convenient and in tune with the other devices in the family.


When it comes to smartphone security, there are very few things that come close to rivalling the iPhone’s prowess, and the same can be said for a renewed iphone as well. Since Apple focuses on in-house development of software and hardware, they can optimize their systems to gel smoothly with each other, and this narrows the scope of breaches and bugs as well. Moreover, Apple has designed something of a restricted ecosystem that isn’t as open as Android’s, making the entire system something of a fortress in its own right.

By getting an iPhone, you’d be protected seamlessly from a wide range of cyber threats, a peace of mind that few other devices on the market can boast of.

The Apple factor.

For most of the people who want to own and experience an Apple smartphone someday or the other, the preference ultimately boils down to entering this elite club somewhere or the other. Right from the very first day, Apple has marketed its devices in a manner that exudes a sense of exclusivity and quality, and thanks to this brand image, the aspirational value of iPhones is pretty high. Even by getting something like an iPhone xs used, the benefits that are to be enjoyed are immense. This aspect of smartphone ownership isn’t as prominent in the case of other devices, something that makes these devices that much more special.

Something for everyone.

When it comes to optimizing smartphones for a wide range of purposes, Apple is at the very zenith, and quite effective at that as well. While most OEMs rely on tailoring specific models to suit particular uses and preferences, iPhones are an all-in-one package that can be suited to perform in a whole host of situations.

Apple has managed to roll gaming, professional work, media, music, etc. into one seamless package, and anyone who wants to use these devices for a specific function would be able to do so without any major drawbacks or issues.

Constant innovation.

When it comes to smartphone innovation and development, nothing comes to Apple. They invest a whole lot of resources in constant research and development. This helps them stay at the top of the game, and it is a commonly witnessed phenomenon that everything that Apple does to their smartphones is quickly replicated by other OEMs as well. This is a phenomenon that was quite clearly observed during the introduction of the notch. By developing their devices constantly, they have grown to become a fan-favourite, and such publicity is great for any brand there is.

Superior build quality.

If you are someone who has held an iPhone in their lifetime, you’d be able to relate to this point. In fact, this is a factor that isn’t limited to iPhones, but to other Apple devices as well. Each and every gadget that Apple manufactures oozes quality, and they have a significant feel-good factor regarding them as well. The devices are quite robust and used properly, they can last for a very long period of time. Moreover, Apple equips its devices with only the best there is, and this means that iPhones have an inherently longer lifespan.

Final take:

There are several factors that work with each other to make each Apple iPhone a special and sought-after smartphone. These devices are wanted by many all over the world, and even if your budget doesn’t allow you to get an Apple iPhone 14, you can go for something like an iPhone xs used, and you’d be pretty well off using that as well.

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