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7 Inspiring Tips to Improve the Packaging of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are popular in the fashion industry. Women are always in search of something to flourish their beauty. Artificial hair extensions totally change their look and give them self-confidence. Therefore, many beauty brands provide hair extensions of different lengths and colors to their valuable customers. However, they are also in continuous competition with their rival brands. But, the thing that differentiates one brand from the other is the way they present their products. Custom hair extension packaging can present your products the way you like. If you are looking for ways to improve the packaging display for your hair extensions, here are a few tips:

1-     Be Creative with the Style of Packaging

Hair extensions are the products of the latest trends in fashion and beauty. The packaging must also be trendy and unique if you want to achieve success. You have the freedom to manufacture the packaging as you want. Select attractive colors, designs, prints, and shapes for your custom hair extension boxes that can increase the worth of your products. Since there is tough competition in the fashion industry, you need to design hair extension packaging in a way that can make it shine amongst competitors. The customization techniques like die-cutting, window cutting, printing, coloring, and finishing techniques give you freedom of choice. It is in your hands what type of colors and sizes you want for your custom-printed boxes. But, always customize hair extension packaging that is per the requirements of your brand. It will assist you to make a strong position in the industry that no one can replace.

2-     Choose Magnetizing Shapes and Sizes

The shapes and sizes of packaging boxes matter a lot as they decide the display of your products. One can select small boxes or large boxes but they must match the inside products. It is obvious that you cannot select huge boxes for small hair extensions. Therefore, configure Custom Fucking Hair Extension Boxes per the dimensions of the products. Further, the shape of hair extension packaging must be attractive to tempt customers. You can get custom window boxes, custom pillow boxes, one-piece/two-piece boxes, drawer-style boxes, custom foldable boxes, or custom rigid boxes for your hair extensions.

3-     Charm Hair Extension Boxes with Finishing Techniques

After selecting the style, shape, and size of hair extension packaging. Design it further with help finishing techniques. You can emboss or deboss the brand logo to make it more prominent on the packaging boxes. You can craft unique patterns or shapes on the custom boxes using gold or silver foiling techniques. Additionally, the coating techniques will make the prints and colors of custom hair extension boxes more bright and vivid. The glossy coating will give a shiny appearance to the custom packaging and protect Hair extensions from moisture and light. The matte coating will prevent smudges and the UV coating will shield hair extensions against UV rays.

Hair Extension Boxes

4-     Mention Brand Details On the Packaging

Every brand put efforts in terms of promotion of their brand. Custom hair extension boxes can help in business promotion because you can mention your brand name, logo, and contact numbers on the packaging. By printing these details, you will own your packaging boxes. The customers will be able to know your name and memorize it just by looking at the packaging. Select a name for your brand that is recognizable and print it on the packaging in attractive fonts to shine in the market. This way, custom extension packaging will help in building a distinguishable identity for your brand.

5-     Convey the Product Details

Customers attract to products if you tell all the details of your hair extension. For example, you need to tell your customers the quality, size, variety, and colors of hair extensions you have to offer. This information helps a brand in increasing customers’ interest in the products. But, you should not use very complex designs that customers will find difficult to understand. Custom hair extension packaging must be simple that convey product details even at the first glance. The pictures and color of the packaging can also explain your products. Like if your hair extension is black, you can color the packaging in black color as well.

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6-     Take Care of Durability

The packaging boxes must be durable enough to protect the inside products especially if the products are delicate hair extensions that are highly susceptible to dust. custom hair extension boxes of cardboard or Kraft materials offer durability inside their strong walls. The corrugated packaging boxes can keep your hair extensions away from every sort of damage. The cardboard walls prevent the penetration of moisture, dirt, or heat. All these factors are harmful to the quality of hair extensions. Thus, get durable boxes for your hair extensions if you want protection for your products.

7-     Go For Eco-Friendly Hair Extension Packaging

In the current era where pollution is increasing drastically due to packaging waste, eco-friendly boxes are everything. Even customers prefer to buy products that are packaged in eco-friendly custom packaging boxes. Therefore, you should also use eco-friendly hair extension boxes of paper materials that are recyclable. These custom packaging boxes decompose themselves under normal conditions by microbes and again become part of nature even if nobody recycles them. So, you don’t need any other packaging when eco-friendly packaging provides you with so many benefits such as sustainability and stress-free customization.

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