Here Comes the Difference Between an Apartment and a Hotel!

Apartment and Hotel Do you usually stay at hotels or apartment while on vacation or on business trips? In general, there are some differences between the two, hotels usually provide a fridge filled with drinks, but not cooking facilities. A washing machine is also not available, of course this is a hassle. And some hotels that provide drinks and food in the fridge will incur an additional fee. Your expenses will also increase, right? Especially if you have to stay for a long time.

In contrast to apartment, for furnished type apartment usually provide an empty refrigerator which you can later fill yourself with what food or drink you want. A kitchen is available for you to cook fun, and some apartment also provide washing machine and dryer facilities, although you can use the laundry service.

In terms of room layout also looks different. The apartment has a dividing wall that separates the work/main space and the bedroom, like a 2BR type apartment. As for hotels, they usually only consist of one room in which there is only a bed and bathroom unit.
If you are going for business or with your family, which one is more suitable? Come on, see more.

Apartment VS Hotel

Always imagine in the mind, which is better place to live. And because of the rumors that have sprung up, you are often confused about what to decide. When you are away for a long distance, when you are on vacation for only a few days, when you have business matters in a place that is not too far away. Many. And you also have to make decisions quickly and precisely.


This apartment includes long-term occupancy. For those of you who want to live with family or friends, whether it’s for a short time or quite a long time, renting an apartment can be a suitable choice. This is due to the facilities for washing machines, refrigerators, and other household needs. There are several types of apartments that provide kitchen facilities with cooking utensils. Of course, you can save more because you can cook it yourself according to your taste and the money you have. You don’t always have to go to a restaurant. The rooms are also designed like a home atmosphere, you will be comfortable to live in. However, one thing is a drawback, you have to tidy up your own room, wash your own dishes, make your own bed, clean it, because there won’t be an OB coming to clean it up.


Choosing to stay in a hotel is the right decision if you are away for a short time, such as on vacation or on a business trip. Some hotel accommodation has an attractive design to refresh the view. When you go out, and the room is messy, when you come back the room is neat as before. The hotel has taken care of it. You can also be more relaxed, relaxed, safe, comfortable, and enjoy the day. Even if you want to park your vehicle, someone will be ready to help you when you have trouble.

And usually the hotel provides free breakfast facilities, because the cost is included in the room price. Something you won’t find in an apartment. Especially if the hotel provides buffet facilities, you can eat more than the portion given.

No More Confusion About Living Options

Living in an apartment, you will experience the standard routine at home, and a hotel is an out-of-the-ordinary sensation where you will often go to restaurants in search of food, your nutrition changes, and so does your routine. Each has advantages and disadvantages of each. Depends what you want to go for.

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