CI CD pipe line

What is a CI/CD pipeline?

What do you mean by CI/CD? 

What is CI CD? Well, CI/CD, also known as continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), is a process of integrating multiple works of individuals into a single product that is quick and efficient. In DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery streamline the coding, testing, and deployment of the software with a single repository for collecting work and automation tools to validate if the code is seamlessly working or not. This is a crucial process to ease business operations, prevent confusion, and make it more hassle-free. 

What is the CI/CD pipeline in DevOps? 

What is CI CD? What CI CD pipe line does? How is it beneficial to your business? We know that you all must have a plethora of questions regarding the CI CD pipe line and what it actually does in DevOps. The continuous integration/continuous delivery process is a seamless and smooth DevOps workflow that focuses on continuous and hassle-free software delivery. Moreover, this technique is modifiable instead of a linear progression as DevOps teams can write the code, integrate it, do testing, launch products, as well as deploy software updates collaboratively and in real-time. 

The key feature of the CI CD pipe line is the use of automated processes to ensure the quality and efficiency of the code. Unit testing is used to identify dependencies and other issues early in the software update process, push changes to diverse areas, and deliver applications to production systems. Development teams may work more rapidly and effectively while also enhancing quality thanks to the possibility of automating multiple CI/CD pipeline phases. 

In this situation, the automation’s job is to carry out quality checks, inspecting anything from security to API usage to efficacy. This guarantees that any team member updates are properly integrated and applied to the software as planned. 

What are the benefits of using CI/CD? 

Continuous integration and continuous delivery enable the automation of the launching of the software from the start to the end of the project, which in itself is an unavoidable benefit of the framework. However, if you still are clueless about the advantages of using CI/CD then, here is a list of benefits of the CI/CD process: 

  • Time-efficient 
  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Hassle-free updates 
  • Improves teamwork and overall efficiency 

CI/CD pipeline is gaining popularity as it helps in automating tasks with utmost ease and efficiency. Therefore, if you want to integrate CI/CD pipeline process into your business then you certainly need an expert’s guidance. So, get in touch with Antino Labs today! 

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