8 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Quartz Stone Worktops For Bathroom!

8 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Quartz Stone Worktops For Bathroom!

Quartz As A Worktop

For a long time, quartz has been celebrated as a jewel and crystal. Amethyst and other forms of quartz were big favourites as jewellery. Soon after, it was recognised for its use in electronics such as radio, television and even wristwatches. Finally, in the last half a decade, it gained popularity quartz stone worktops for bathrooms and kitchens became popularity.

Although let’s not forget that it was used as kitchen worktops before entering the market as bathroom worktops. As such, many homeowners are still unsure about using Quartz as a bathroom worktop. While the Best Quartz Worktops can be useful in the kitchen, will they work the same in bathrooms? Let’s take a look!

Wet Bathrooms And Worktop Porosity!

Bathrooms are essentially highly moist. With the hot showers, wash basins and more, it remains a moisture-rich environment. While high moisture is a boon for our skin it can be harmful to other materials. Worktops are one of them. When worktops absorb moisture, they are at a higher risk of incurring chips and dents.

Additionally, they can also get stained quite easily if they’re highly porous. Quartz crystals in and of themselves are not porous at all. Quartz worktops on the other hand are made using crushed Quartz and resin. While the quartz itself is only mildly porous, the addition of resins makes it entirely non-porous.

As such, you can expect it to not absorb water, moisture or other spills. If you plan to use your bathroom cabinet and worktop as a vanity, the chances of spilling make-up products and other liquids increase exponentially. At the same time, you don’t need to fear any possibility of water or moisture absorption.

A Stain-Free Bathroom Worktop

Using quartz stone For the bathroom is a great idea. Many people prefer to put on their make-up in the bathroom. This is because the lighting is often great and the simple decor and large mirror make the task easy. At the same time, this can lead to spilling foundation, blush, concealer, and other liquid make-up products as well as powder products.

The liquid products can stain the worktops directly while the powder products can cause a mess while wiping them off. This is why the Best quartz worktops are amazing for the bathroom. The resin used in making this worktop will ensure that no stains can penetrate its surface.

Careful With The Chemicals

Ammonia and bleach used in common household cleaning materials are as harmful to these surfaces as they are to us. They may corrode the surface and leave it an imperfect mess. So be careful with using these products on quartz surfaces.

To add to this, it is best to avoid any type of heavy bleach to clean quartz stone worktops For the bathroom as well as other worktop materials. They can be harmful and damage the surface once it gets through the sealant.

As Durable As The Classics

The best quartz worktops are often compared to marble and granite. This is because marble and granite have proven themselves to be highly reliable and durable in the long run. As such, this is a quality that most people look for in a worktop.

As such, quartz worktops are highly reliable. They are also durable and last a long time. They do not wear down all that easily. Quartz worktops can be kept on par with marble and granite. This hardy material will not damage easily nor will it accrue scratches and cracks.

Maintenance Is A Piece Of Cake!

Without a shadow of a doubt, quartz is one of the easiest worktops when it comes to maintenance. To begin with, it does not require a biannual or yearly sealant to keep it intact. It is made with resin and that is more than enough to keep it safe for a long time to come.

Moreover, it is also easy to clean. Many homeowners believe that not being able to use chemicals and bleaches on these worktops is a negative point. This is far from the truth. Quartz worktops do not require such heavy cleaning products in the first place. It is very easy to clean and as such, any dish soap will do.

All Things Sturdy

Quartz worktops are made of powdered or crushed quartz crystals. It is put together using resins to make the flat worktop slabs we know of. As such, the particles are heavily packed within the surface. This helps increase its weight compared to other worktops.

Additionally, this is also what makes the worktop strong and tough. It is a sturdy, hard material that is not easily breakable and neither can it be cracked or chipped all that easily. As such, it is perfect for the bathroom or the kitchen.

Perfect For The Bathroom

The only thing that harms quartz worktops is direct sunlight. This can weaken the structure and destroy its integrity over time. This then leads to cracking, chipped corners and even top, and ultimate destruction.

On the other hand, bathrooms rarely receive direct sunlight throughout the day. Even the windows are strategically placed or covered up to provide privacy. This can help protect the worktops from direct sunlight and keep them safe for a long time to come. As long as you use this worktop in the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about UV rays.

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Have Fun With It!

You can customise quartz worktops heavily. They can be made in any colour or pattern to match the bathroom design you’re planning. Moreover, you can have fun with the designs and try anything you like.

This makes it a great choice for kitchens as well as bathrooms.

Take Care Of The Heat!

While the material is heat-treated as it is made, the resin can turn yellowish with overexposure to heat. To stop this, avoid placing heat products such as blow driers or hair straighteners directly on top of the surface. Place a heat protectant mat or wait for the items to cool down before you place them on the surface.

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