Understanding The Different Road Signs In Scarborough And Ontario


Road signs are crucial for maintaining safe and organized traffic flow. As a driver, it’s essential to understand the different road signs and their meaning to avoid road accidents and follow traffic rules. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the most common road signs in Scarborough and Ontario, along with the significance of each sign.

Stop Sign

The Stop sign is an imperative sign that requires drivers to stop their vehicles completely before proceeding. The sign is octagonal in shape and is usually painted red with white letters. Drivers must stop at the marked stop line or, if there is no stop line, before entering a crosswalk or intersection.

Yield Sign

The Yield sign is triangular in shape and indicates that drivers must slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary to give right of way to other vehicles. Drivers must yield to other vehicles that have already entered the intersection or are approaching from a different road.

Speed Limit Sign

Speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed limit for a particular area, and drivers must not exceed this limit to avoid penalties. It’s crucial to pay attention to speed limit signs as they change in different areas, such as residential areas, school zones, or construction zones.

No Parking Sign

The No Parking sign indicates that drivers cannot park their vehicles in the designated area. This sign is usually accompanied by other parking signs that indicate the hours or days during which parking is prohibited.

One-Way Sign

The One-Way sign indicates that drivers can only travel in a single direction on the designated road. The sign is usually rectangular in shape with a white background and black arrows pointing in the direction of travel.

No U-Turn Sign

The No U-Turn sign prohibits drivers from making U-turns in the designated area. The sign is usually circular in shape with a red background and white letters.

Do Not Enter Sign

The Do Not Enter sign indicates that drivers are not allowed to enter the designated road or area. The sign is usually circular in shape with a red background and white letters, and an arrow pointing in the opposite direction of travel.


By understanding the different road signs in Scarborough and Ontario, drivers can ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. The Best Driving School in Scarborough offers comprehensive driving lessons that help drivers understand the significance of road signs and other traffic rules. With their expertise, drivers can feel confident and secure while driving on the roads.

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