How to find resistance of a resistor using color code

How to find resistance of a resistor using color code

How to find resistance of a resistor using color code

We understand from our preceding publication what’s is a resistor. This article set a way to calculate resistor cost through the usage of color code. When involves the degree of the cost of the resistor we can try this via way of means of numerous ways. One manner is to apply a Multimeter. How to find resistance of a resistor using color code

But one also can examine the cost of the resistor color code resistor via way of means of the usage of Color Code Menthod (in case of via hollow kind) or truely via way of means of having reference of Number Marking (in case of floor mount kind). I anticipate you possibly have used a multimeter for your school. So we’re going to color code technique in detail. learn-embedded-system

Color Coding in Resistors

In hollow resistors, resistance is calculated via way of means of color bands marked on their body. The color bands gift on resistors might also additionally range from four to 6. The meaning (cost) of those color bands is indexed beneath. This desk may be referred for calculating the cost of axial in addition to radial lead kind via hollow resistors.

Resistor Color Code Chart

Use the following mnemonic to don’t forget the color code series. “ B. B. ROY of Great Britain had a Very Good Wife who wore Gold and Silver Necklace ”

The following photo suggests the role of color bands on axial and radial lead kind resistors.

Position of Color Band on Resistor

In the case of axial lead resistors, the studying path of the color band may be decided from the statement, The role of 1st band is closest to the steer and there may be an area among the color cost band and tolerance band.

This technique will paintings for nearly all kinds of axial lead resistors The maximum correct technique is to comply with the manufacturer`s documentation (e.g. datasheet) The photo beneath suggests 4 special resistors. Each of those, resistor have special color bands. Their resistance cost is calculated as follows.

Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR):

This band is for specialized resistors. It is alternate in resistance in line with the diploma celsius of temperature alternate. For an alternate of 10oC in temperature the resistance can alternate for 0.1%. Unit is ppm/0c (elements in line with million in line with diploma centigrade)

The exception to color bands:

 In army equipment, the greater color band (Reliability band) on resistors specifies a failure fee (in %) in line with one thousand Hrs of service. The failure fee for special shades is Brown – 1%, Red – 0.1%, Orange – 0.01%, and Yellow – 0.001%. The resistor having the handiest unmarried black band is known as a 0-ohm resistor. It is used as a wire (acts as a jumper) to attach lines on a published circuit board (PCB).

This is it for this publication, I consider now you recognize a way to calculate resistor cost through the usage of color code. There are lots we can write and argue, about due to one of these good-sized subject matters however I go away it here. In subsequent publishing, we`ll study the use of pull-up and pull-down Resistors in digital circuits.

 How to Calculate Resistance Using Colour Code?

In a preceding article, we’ve got visible the fundamentals facts approximately resistors with their color bands. Each resistor has a selected resistance cost in line with designing the color band. And it relies upon the color code/band imprinted on the resistor. Before the use of any resistor in a digital circuit, you want to discover the primary resistance cost of the resistor.

How to calculate Resistance to the usage of color code?

The color bands at the resistor are used to become aware of the cost and tolerance of resistance. The energy score of the resistor relies upon the bodily length of the resistor.

We do not forget as, a resistor includes 4 special color bands (A, B, C, and D imprinted on the resistor body) as proven withinside the figure.

Resistor color code

The first of 3 special color bands (A, B, C) suggests a special cost of resistance. And the closing band (D) suggests the tolerance of resistance in percent.

Firstly, you must refer to the resistor color band desk given beneath.

Note: I understand, it isn’t always smooth so don’t forget the cost similar for every color band. You can use this easy word to don’t forget the series color band and its values.

BB ROY of Great Britain had a Very Good Wife.

Here, every band role and its color has precise importance to calculate resistance cost.

Band A: A first color band (A) represents the primary digit of the numerical cost of the resistance. (Says x)

Band B: The 2d color band (B) represents the second digit of the numerical cost of resistance. (Says y)

Band C: Third color band (C) is the decimal multiplier and offers the variety of 0 after digits. (Says z)

Band D: The fourth band (D) or closing band suggests the tolerance in percent (%). (Says p)

So the very last system you could use to calculate resistance:

Resistance = ((10x + y) z) (p/100)     (Unit- Ohm)

Example of Resistor Colour Code:

Consider, a resistor is having 4 special color bands red, brown, orange, and gold respectively as proven withinside the diagram.

Firstly select the cost of color from the desk.

Red     Brown  Orange            Gold

2          1          one thousand  5%

First Step:

The Red band of the resistance cost Printed circuit board in china is two and the brown band of the resistance cost is 1 from the desk. The first  digits of the band display the cost of resistance 2 and 1 i.e. 21

Second Step:

From the desk, the 1/3 orange band cost one thousand. Multiply this cost by 21 i.e. 21×one thousand=21000 Ω.

Third Step:

Last is the Gold band having a tolerance cost of 5% (0.05) from the desk. The 5% tolerance resistor might also additionally have a most and minimal cost of resistance.

for minimum resistance cost, 21kΩ or 21000Ω – 5% = 19,950Ω

Finally, we get the very last cost of resistance is withinside the variety of 22,050 to 19,950 Ω.

Once you recognize to calculate resistance and the usage of color Code of resistors, it will likely be smooth to layout and the usage of resistors withinside the electronics circuit.

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