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ProofHub Software vs Todoist Software: 2023 Guide

Businesses subject to tardiness are no good. They give off the aura of sluggishness which hampers team efficiency and client satisfaction. Moreover, this tardiness is typically associated with a heavy workload. When teams are bombarded with project after project, they can’t seem to focus on what matters the most. And this is where robust project management solutions jump in. They shape the workflow of the firms to handle multiple project streams simultaneously. 

Today we will delve into the specifics of Todoist and ProofHub software. We will assess if they are worth investing in by highlighting their key functionalities, the price range, and the user’s perspective. You might wonder why we choose these vendors of all. It’s because they pack an array of customizable functionalities to handle projects and enhance team collaboration. In addition, going with these solutions means getting access to quality PM specs under one roof.  

Let’s dive into this to-the-point ProofHub software vs Todoist software guide.  

ProofHub Software Analysis 


The core features of ProofHub are designed to help firms to plan projects, set realistic goals, ensure team collaboration and execute projects. Moving onwards with this ProofHub software vs Todoist guide, we will detailly explore the features of ProofHub in detail. The feature range of ProofHub is divided into five major categories. Find the details below: 

  • Project Management 
  • Table View 
  • Boards 
  • Gantt Chart 
  • Calendar Sync 
  • Tak Management  
  • Custom Fields 
  • Project Templates 
  • Time Tracking 
  • Request Forms 
  • Project Overview 
  • Setting Milestones 
  • Custom Workflows 
  • Project Labels  
  • CSV Import 
  • Dependencies 
  • Approvals 
  • Task History  
  • Daily Agenda 



One-On-One Chats 

Group Chats 

Proofing And Review 



Project Reports 

Resource Reports 

Workload Reports 

Custom Reports 


Me View 

Profile View 

My Tasks 

My Calendars 

My Activities 

All Tasks 

All Time 

All Gantt  

Project Export 



Custom Roles 

Ip Restrictions 

White Labeling 

Activity Logs 

The feature portfolio of this platform is rich in priority support, integrations, mobile apps, and accessibility too. For better evaluation, go for the demo of ProofHub. It doesn’t highlight all functionalities, but all the intuitive services of ProofHub are mentioned in the demo. You can book a demo with ProofHub through its official website.  


The ProofHub solution uses a flat pricing approach. There’s no per-user fee to burden clients. WithProofHub, you get two pricing plans at hand to choose from; unlimited control and essential.  

The Essential plan costs $45/month billed annually and $50/month billed monthly. It handles 40 projects, offers 15GM storage, and works for unlimited users.  

The Unlimited Control plan costs $89/month billed annually and $99/month billed monthly. It manages unlimited project streams and offers 100GB of data storage for unlimited users.  


The ProofHub solution scores above average reviews rating of more than 4-star on numerous websites. The ProofHub reviews are an embodiment of its dependability and productivity. Here we have listed certain prime aspects of ProofHub reviews.  

  • Provides ultimate control, empowering managers to evaluate teams’ progress. 
  • Features quality integrations working as an all-rounder project management solution.  
  • Easily accessible on mobile devices.  
  • Offers keyboard shortcuts and quick ads to achieve the best possible PM results.  
  • Helps keep track of fine project details and even group activities.  


If you are ready to upgrade to enhance your PM experience, set up a prompt 1:1 demo with ProofHub. ProofHub offers an interactive live demo session. You have the freedom to choose your preferred appointment slot. Wait no more and set a prompt walkthrough with the product experts of this platform.  

Todoist Software Analysis 

Next in this ProofHub software vs Todoist software guide is the analysis of Todoist software. So, let’s have a look at all its primary aspects.  


The Todoist software is rich in features that are fully customizable and configurable. It works to centralize the database of workspaces, increase team coordination, personalize task views, track project trends, and much more. In this regard, here are remarkable offerings of the Todoist software.  

  • Reminders  
  • Due Dates 
  • Priorities 
  • Comments 
  • Labels 
  • Delegate tasks  
  • Notifications 
  • Boards 
  • Labels 
  • Filter 
  • Themes 
  • Sets emails as tasks 
  • Comments and file uploads 
  • Calendar feeds 
  • Productivity visualizations 
  • Activity history 
  • Completed tasks archive 
  • Todoist Karma 

It also features countless integrations and packs endless customizability and accessibility. It is compatible with all hand-held devices too. We suggest you go for the Todoist demo to see the features up close. You can easily decipher through the demo if Todoist has a steep learning curve or a minimal one. 


The Todoist software offers user-friendly pricing plans that fit all. It practices per-user pricing methodology and charges rightfully for the services it offers. The best thing about the cost plans of Todoist is they are offered in 9 different currencies. So, people from any region can go for this vendor without any hassle.  

  • For starters, it offers a Free plan which handles around five projects.  
  • Todoist offers the Pro pricing plan for power users, costing $4/user/month annually and $5 if billed monthly. In addition, it packs automatic data backups. 
  • For teams, Todoist offers the Business pricing plan costing $6/user/month annually and $8 billed monthly. In addition, it includes collaboration and admin control functionalities.  


The reviews of Todoist are indeed captivating. Users refer to it as a trust manager, efficiency booster, and time saver. According to the reviews, Todoist is an intact project management solution that organizes tasks leading to fruitful project streams.  

  • Helps users reach the mental clarity they have been longing for.  
  • Makes tasks as easy as one wants, not leaving an ounce of complexity in projects.  
  • Allows setting daily and weekly aims so teams can accomplish goals faster.  
  • Connects effortlessly with any of the client’s desired solutions improving the firm’s efficiency.  


The Todoist software offers a free demo. Going for the Todoist demo, you can learn about its productivity methods, customizable workflows, project templates, etc. You have to send a request to schedule a demo with Todoist as per your preferred time and date. Don’t miss the opportunity of learning valuable facts about the vendor.  

It’s a wrap-up for us. But if you have any queries regarding ProofHub software vs Todoist software analysis, don’t hesitate to share them with us. So, our experts can guide you into making the right call.  

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